Marie-Claire Greve (1966) is a Dutch photographer who turned to photography in 2012 to be able to share her passion for nature and wildlife. After attending a basic course photography at the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam in order to better understand her camera, she went on to attend workshops run by leading photographer Jonathan Chritchley. She is co-founder of the Alliance for Nature (.org).

‘While being in nature I loose the sense of ‘photography rules’ and love to experiment with my camera. By choosing an unusual perspective I try to fool those to enlarged the experience of nature. My personal preference is to work with anything that moves such as water or animals and to work with mystical light, moonlight that creates the pastelly atmosphere I am looking for. If I manage to find the right abstraction I hope my work will transform those from looking to seen.’

Through her photography Marie-Claire Greve raises money for nature conservation projects.
‘Imagine if a picture can stimulate your awareness of how beautiful, strong and at the same time fragile nature actually is.’

She uses Nikon cameras and lenses.



Photobox with 14 photo’s of the birdseye serie. Each photo is presented with a little ‘window’ passe partout to better understand the texture and patterns. The book had been made in an edition of 21.
(Sold out)


Very happy and proud to have been asked to donate my artwork for scholarships for talented children that simply can’t afford education that will make their dreams come true. Dreams of peace, sustainability, nature awareness and hope!

Thanks to the generous contribution of Berend Strik, Anton Corbijn, Henk Wildschut, Eline de Jonge, Sacha de Boer, Jimmy Nelson, Marc Mulders, Vincent Mock, Carlijn Mens, Dagmar van Weeghel, Natasja van der Meer, Roos Holleman, Sijtse Keur, Eva Crebolder, Carla Kranendonk, Cathalijn Wouters, Paul Faassen, Scarlett Hooft Graafland, Merina Beekman, Ellert Haitjema, Judith Quax, Angelica Contreras Nino and Rene Arnold.

The project raised Euro 110.850,00.

September 14-15-16 2018


I am honored to announce that since July 2018 Beaumont Capital has chosen my work to represent their website www.beaumont.capital


Solo exhibition

February 11th until May 18th 2018

Vijzelstraat 77-3, Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Solo exhibition

April 9th until April 23rd 2017

Gerard Doustraat 76, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Solo Exhibition

Art of Lecadre
April 12th until May 11th 2016
Huizerweg 32 – 34, 1402 AC Bussum, The Netherlands



Solo Exhibition ‘SEEN’

March 16th until September 19st 2015
Kerklaan 18, 1261 JB Blaricum, The Netherlands